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We are a non profit organization and our main goal is to protect Wild Elephants by ending Human-Elephant conflicts in Sri Lanka. As a first step, we started feeding elephants to minimize their attacks to the Village farms and even their houses. 

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Our Mission is to feed wild elephants from food items collected at various Economic Centers around Sri Lanka. We will carry out buying, transportation and distribution of Vegetables and Fruits to the Wild giants, in the designated places introduced by Department of Wild Life  in Sri Lanka. Further supplying of drinking water for wild animals living in dry zone also a part of the project.

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As we are a non profit organization started in January 2021,  still growing up and solely depend on your valuable donations. For starting the project three members collected total of US$ 600 (3 x $200) and initial steps taken to fed elephants. Our progress can be seen in the “Elephants Fed” and “Fund Raised” section in the real time updating panel. According to the Wild Life department about 250-300 elephants required to fed daily and involves huge amount of money. We provide food once in a week to 30-40 elephants at the moment and will be increasing in future with your valuable donations. Inviting animal lovers all over the world to join with us.

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