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‘ Feed Elephants ‘ is a non profit organization based in Sri Lanka


Most of the elephants in Sri Lanka suffering from Hunger and Thirsty while they are moving through forest areas and they prone to attack close by Villages to fulfill their hunger and thirst, creating Human-elephant conflicts.  Our vision is to minimize these conflicts by providing food and Water kept in dedicated places closer to their pathways. 


Our Mission is to feed wild elephants from food items collected at various Economic Centers around Sri Lanka. We will carry out buying, transportation and distribution of Vegetables and Fruits to the Wild giants, in the designated places introduced by Department of Wild Life  in Sri Lanka. Further supplying of drinking water for wild animals living in dry zone also a part of the project.

Our Team

Mr. L.P. Madanayake

Executive Member

62/12 Temple road, Kottawa, Colombo 10230, Sri Lanka.

Tel: +94 777 210775

Mr. D.A. Ranasinghe

Executive Member

278/A Keeriyadeniya road, Batuwattha, Ragama 11010, Sri Lanka.

Tel: +94 776 665187

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Mr. C. Sumanarathna

Executive Member

No 342 Sarasavi Mawatha, Awissawella, Sri Lanka.

Tel: + 94 772 445826

Janith Wijekoon

Mr. J. Wijekoon

Site Administrator

81/B Wegala, Madamahanuwara, Kandy 20940, Sri lanka.

Tel: +94 717 376939